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You're Ok, Kid!
The Search for a Father's Love

written by Floyd Edward Reinhardt

A Real Page Turner... It's not often you find a book that enthralls, enlightens, and encourages you to reconcile your past. You're OK, Kid! The Search for a Father's Love is just that sort of book.
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Successful Colorado sales professional and father of five sons and a daughter, Floyd Edward Reinhardt, unwittingly found himself in the limelight in 1984 when his talented son, University of Colorado football player Eddie Reinhardt, received a life-threatening brain injury during a game against University of Oregon in Eugene. His book records his thoughts and feelings surrounding the tragedy and delves into the intricate and symbolic relationship between fathers and sons.

You're OK, Kid! draws you into the lives of three generations of Reinhardt men: Floyd, who left his young namesake during World War II to build military bases for the government; Floyd Edward, who struggled nearly his whole life with feelings of inadequacy because of his father's desertion; and young Eddie, who heroically overcomes the odds to survive his terrible injury.

Edward Reinhardt was contemplating leaving his wife of twenty-three years and their six children when on the return trip from a football game in Laramie, Wyoming, he, and his son Tom listened to the CU versus OU game on the radio. They heard the horrifying news just as it happened. During a tackle, Eddie was freakishly hit in the head causing a blood vessel in his brain to burst.

The subsequent hours and days became a nightmare as the Reinhardt family traveled to Eugene to await Eddie's uncertain prognosis. In Eugene, Edward not only faced the possible death of his son, but he was forced to come to terms with his parents' devastating divorce and his father's subsequent abandonment, which occurred in Eugene, Oregon, decades earlier.

With his son battling for his life in the hospital, Edward questioned his own existence, faith, and purpose - even to the point of returning to the courthouse where his parents were divorced and the spot where he and his father said goodbye.

'I had to accept him as he was, the good with the bad,' Reinhardt writes of his father. 'And to love him for giving me life and opportunity to find my destiny and happiness my own way and not through anything he could do or be for me.'

It was during one of the author's final visits with his father that the title of the book came about. Now reconciled, Edward leaned down to give his father a hug when he finally heard the words he'd been waiting a lifetime for: 'You're OK, kid,' Floyd told his son. Edward has carried this phrase in his heart ever since.

In the weeks following the accident, Reinhardt learned to put aside his pride and allow others to assist his son. He discovered that Eddie's survival helped him to realize how dependent we are on each other.

How family, community, and personal faith in God brought Floyd Edward Reinhardt back to his family is an inspiring tale no one - fathers, sons, mothers, daughters - should miss!


You're OK, Kid!(R)
The Search for a Father's Love

by Floyd Edward Reinhardt
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